Slow Marathon

"for those who really enjoy the journey"

I built this site because 1. I've never run a marathon 2. I try to walk every day 3. my iPhone keeps stats about how much I walk 4. for some reason it doesn't tell me how much I've walked in total, which is actually a lot.

So... how many Slow Marathons have I or you walked? I built this site so that you could find out - if you have an iPhone and your Health app tracks your distance walked (which, I think, it does by default).

Super Duper Important Note
none of your health data
ever goes to any server
all of the math is done here,
in your browser

Let's do it!

1. on your iPhone, go to your Health app (this link should open it)
2. tap your profile in the top right corner
3. scroll down and tap "Export All Health Data". then, tap the "Export" button.
4. tap the "Save to Files" option. your file name will be just "export" (you could change it to something more meaningful like "myhealthdata2023")
5. tap "Save" in the top right corner
6. on this page, below these instructions, tap the "Choose File" button
8. pick the file you just saved - the one called "export" or whatever you named it

Upload your Health app export here